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    Get on IRC and /join #SouthPark on
    Click here for an old screenshot of #SouthPark. (1-06-2000 undernet)
    Click here for a new screenshot of #SouthPark. (4-14-2005 DefConIRC)

    How do I get there?
    Get on Internet Relay Chat (better known as simply IRC). To get there (if you are unfamiliar with IRC of course) you will need some sort of IRC client.  Java clients work, but are not recommended. I would recommend the widely used mIRC, which has everything you need for basic chat, plus more. If you are lost already, I recommend reading mIRC's detailed help documents located within the program.

    Now that you have mIRC and know a bit more about IRC in general, join in on the chatter. In the Status window, type /server Once you have been connected, you will see the server's message of the day, or motd. You may then type /join #SouthPark and begin chatting in the channel.

    What about "Scripts"?
    There are many customized "scripts" for IRC clients that usually automate certain IRC tasks, such as auto-greeting users, or automatically setting away after a given period of sitting idle 

    More Info
    If you're interested in learning more about IRC, or simply looking for a little more information, below are some sites you may find worthwhile to check out.
    1. The mIRC Homepage #1 client used to get on IRC
      mIRC 6.16
      Older Versions of mIRC
      SSL for mIRC - secure servers connections
    2. BCM Hosting Need an IRC bot? Get shell & web hosting here!
    3. Excursion - fserv script
    4. Hawkee
    5. Invision - good server script
      Invision 2.0 build 2104
    6. iroffer - dcc fileserver bot for linux & windows
    7. mIRCX
    8. tons of stuff here like Peace and Protection
      Peace and Protection 4.22 Good Protection script, has xdcc server. For mIRC 6+
    9. PLRNet Need an IRC bot? Get shell & web hosting here!
    10. - good fserv script
      Polaris CTCP 1.01
      Polaris IRC 2.04
    11. Syris - fserv script
    12. SysReset - just switched from Polaris CTCP to this recently. I like SysReset better!
    13. XiRCON

    IRC Help Sites
    3. Falco64's IRC Guide to mIRC - fserver setup

    General Rules of IRC:
    1. Do not msg the channel operators or +v users.
    2. Do not ask for ops or voice (+o +v).
    3. Do not flood. (Keep timers 45 minutes or greater, users can see the ads with !list when needed.)
    4. Do not nuke.
    5. No clones.
    6. Ask a question & be patient for an answer! We don't look at our screens 24/7 waiting just for you.
    7. No General lameness.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    1. What does +o mean? It means you're an a channel operator.
    2. How do I get +o? When an op +o's you, you can have it ;.
    3. What does +v mean? It means you're special (file server) or just happen to be in the channel at a good time.
    4. How do I get +v? Most of the time you will only get +v if you fserv.
    5. What's fserv? It is a File Server that hosts the South Park files (and more) that you've been looking for.
    6. What do I need to fserv? You can use SysReset or another server script.
    7. How do I set up the fserv? Visit this site for help. Router help?
    8. How do I use the fserv? Just use the trigger !list in the channel and you will see a list of all the fservs running.

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